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The climate in the architectural profession changes rapidly. Oftentimes we get so carried away with our daily battles and doings that we lost grasp of the general direction the world is going – how design evolves, what people want, what the contemporary tendencies are.

The world of design has grown to become so complex and multifaceted that in order to be able to establish a proper opinion on a given topic you need to be following at least a couple of different information sources.

Independent of whether you’re a design professional, architecture student or simply а fancier, we recommend that you check out our favorite architecture and design blogs .

archdaily1   Archdaily

Come on, you saw this one coming, what kind of architectural blog list would not begin with the super-duper popular architecture and design portal? ArchDaily has earned itself a very bulky position – something of the value of the “Old Gods” in Game of Thrones – ancient, conservative, consistent – if only they were blue as well. In Archdaily you will find everything independently of style, phase, author, geography. Extremely useful for research and invaluable in its time killing abilities. 

Pro Tip – if you are to sacrifice the already insufficient daily hours of sleep in order to be up to date with what’s happening in the design world and  “Zaha” style is not your thing, we recommend the blog A Daily Dose of Architecture – synthesized and filtered information from what the mothership spat out. 

//   Dezeen

Pretty much the first design blog i started following. It was a pure time, time of innocence when this blog seemed pretty hip (come on, I’m from Eastern Europe). Nowadays it is pretty mainstream. O, Tempora.. They post some awesome product design stuff, starting off from furniture, sanitary, construction materials and reaching shoes and textiles.

The important lessons a young designed might take away vary from the existential vision that water glasses may differ from glass cylinders known to us from grandma’s cupboard (WOW), as well as that architects even at the peak of their careers might screw up.


An invaluable resource in case you’re interested in architectural competitions, trends, finalists and winners. The site hands you projects that received prizes in modern architectural competitions. There’s hardly a better way to set your clock if the career of an architect – professional competitor attracts you. And never, ever – EVER allow yourself the thought that even in architectural competitions doping is abundant let you down.


A nice modest Tumblr, a distant cousin of the above ones; it includes: Projects with one photo, author and location; Maximal in terms of quality, minimum in quantity, easy to track, with one word – compulsory.

Mirage Studio 7

Mirage Studio 7 has always been the blog which charges your day with positive energy and a shiver of pleasure goes through your body, whenever you see they’ve posted something new. The guy who posts is an Asian from Malaysia with international experience, a sharp eye for irony and tons of humor.


BLDGBLOG! The Holy Grail  of the free architect – utopian who has realized the world packs more beyond unfoldings, specifications, executives, EVEN the existential colorful design scarf and the other elements formally marking us “Architects”. The blog researches and analyses the world through the lens of “being” an architect – whatever it may mean. Oftentimes you will find references from comic books and popular culture, history, mathematics, technologies, psychology, and many, many other interesting filters giving us a new look into reality.

SuperArchitects   SuperArchitects

SuperBlog! Well, I’m not so certain it’s a full-blood blog – it gathers and publishes the most extravagant, extreme and futuristic master’s thesis projects it finds. Graff “must” for any architecture student.


Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect   Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect

We love this blog not that much because it’s gonna make us famous architects, but rather because of the structured and analytic approach it has in analyzing the methodology of others headed that way. The term “marketing”  is not well known i the architectural circles, but Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect is here to note out that it is well perfected by those who we consider the greatest masters. The blog analyzes the approach of the biggest names in the field and synthesizes their strategies to “sell” themselves. What is up with architect – philosopher Zumthor’s naked feet, Zaha’s feminism, SANAA’s humility, etc. – sincerity of marketing? Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect has its spicy opinion.

Honorable Mentions

The Angry Architect

Another crazy funny blog about the architecture world. We like their critical irony, as well as the cool sense of humor in all their publications.


They have an astonishing collection of office interiors. One of the few sites where every given post has something to entangle you with.. Very useful when it comes to looking for inspiration, as well as an easy way of monitoring the modern tendencies in office design.

Furthermore, it has a pretty good furniture catalog.

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