Consultation interior design

Office Design Consulting

– You hesitate to arrange your kitchen so that it will be functional and at the same time beautiful?

– How to optimize your bathroom space?

– How to change the electrical installation that it matches your needs?

Office Design Consulting

We are all familiar with the classical model of work between client and designer-consultant. We believe that the globalized and rapidly changing world we are living in would suggest and require new models.

After about a year of active presence on the market we realized that our profession and work are extremely snobby.

We got disappointed of the fact that the good design has turned from a right to a privilege of the rich.


We have decided to change this.

Offering hourly consultations for interior design, we would like to grow along with our clients and to offer them more flexible, innovative and comfortable working platform.

Plato_Aristotle Консултации за интериорен дизайн


In IRchitect we want to be helpful with our knowledge to both the clients who would want to have a complete project and vision and to those who would need only partial help, advice or a quick consultation to validate their intentions.

If You

– are renting a place, but you want to create your own cozy space –

– are moving to new home and you have many questions –

– want to try the comfort of a contemporary designed home –

– have plans (or budget) for renovation that cover only part of your apartment or house –

you can rely on us for:

– consultations for interior design in person that will answer the questions that are bothering you;

– help you prepare a partial project just for a particular space – for example a bathroom or a kitchen;

– to recommend you workmen, furniture or suppliers within the price class you are comfortable with.


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За студио за интериорен дизайн IRchitect

В студио за интериорен дизайн IRchitect вярваме, че в партньорство с вас можем да създадем идеалния ви дом. Разкажете ни вашите нужди и надежди, за да изследваме апартамента и заедно да стигнем до правилните решение във вашия бюджет.

Ние сме правилният избор за вас – ще се справим като екип, защото вие сте най-добрите  специалисти по себе си, а ние сме страхотни експерти по архитектура и интериорен дизайн.

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