Why work with an interior designer?

Top Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Often, while contemplating on this theme I remember the scene in the movie “Cast Away“, in which the stranded Tom Hanks is forced to deal with an unpleasant dental situation in his own mouth

The result *Spoilers*, as you might be expecting, in quite unpleasant.

I strongly suspect that if at the time of the event there happened to be a dentist passing by the island, Hanks would have happily given him his last supply of coconuts and Wilson in order to deal with the situation more effectively.

I often think about this question in the context of my own profession – I am an architect and designer.
Why are people not likely to hire a professional consultant to help them with their office interior but rather do it on their own? Better results? Shorter deadlines? Less investment in time and money?

These questions made me compile a short post with the 8 most important reasons for a person to hire an interior designer when furnishing an office.

Practical Environment in your office interior

Upon hearing the word “designer” most people instantly imagine animal motifs, expensive Italian designs, unbelievable accessories, etc. The etymology of the word design lies somewhere else – “design” is basically everything that was consciously created by Man. In its original meaning it includes also functionality, practicality, organization. Good, professional design leads not only to harmonic and pleasant aesthetics but also to a practical and ergonomic environment at our workplace.


It is widely believed that an interior’s budget solely determines  whether it will be successful or not.

Truly, the funds you’ve put aside have a direct influence on the quality of furniture and materials, but are in no means the sole factor determining the overall quality of an office interior.

The gathered know-how and experience of the designer will help you choose the best within the established budget and besides that, the good professional will add more value to your spaces with non traditional materials put to original use, uncharacteristic utilization of familiar objects, good lighting.


“Will this design match this coffee table?”, “Won’t this floor plan make the office interior too narrow?”, “Will our budget be sufficient for everything?”

These are only some of the many questions everyone asks himself when moving into a new place.  Working with a professional designer removes such blunders – during the development of the interior design project we prepare cool 3D visualisations, detailed budgets, linear schedules, estimates of quantities and prices, as well as precise offers from providers, so that the client is well informed and calm at all times about what to expect upon moving into a new office.

Importance of “Office”

The globalized infoworld, which we are part of, provides us with less and less privacy and opportunities to be alone. In a certain way, our offices slowly but steadily become our second homes. It is only natural to wish for peace and harmony in there – we want it to be specifically tailored according to our individual wishes and demands.

The architect/designer is the person who can translate your abstract wishes into the language of substance – in the language of texture, materiality, space, and at a later stage – materials, furniture, viewpoints.

Contact with craftsmen and merchants

Usually people don’t have contacts with furniture and material merchants or builders – for the architect this is an essential part of life. We choose from the highest quality of products and craftsmen. The builders, with whom we work, see in us long term partners and know very well that if they were to perform sloppily, not clean up after themselves or not be nice and honest, they are also not likely to get another job from us – this influences their attitude and is a guarantee which the final user can seldom, if ever, get if he doesn’t seek the help of a professional designer.


Furnishing a home is always a financially stressful process. IRchitect realizes this and thanks to our original and innovative business model we keep good relationships with leading merchants of furniture and construction materials. Our clients will have access to our network of partners and the discounts we have negotiated with them. On many occasions have we observed the total discount amount to exceed the designer honorarium we receive for an office interior .

So, you’re still doubting about hiring and architect for the design of your office interior ?


Unprofessional design may seem the more economical decision for you. This is only superficial though.
In construction every mistake gets “punished” and leads to additional expenses. Bad organizational decisions will cost you miles of walking around in the long term if the kitchen is not well designed. Bad furniture layouts will lead to many headaches and unnecessary nerves when you’re struggling in your own home because you failed to foresee some future need of yours. Furthermore, if for a moment you stop and calculate your hourly wage and then multiply by the number of hours you will be needing to pick furniture, materials, the best contractors supervision, you will quickly come to the conclusion that the sum is much more than the honorarium for a professional – by far no luxury in the current economy. And there are even more reasons to hire a professional designer.


Money is earned, items mended but time is still the only finite resource in life. The choice of furniture and materials, their harmonic composition, the coordination of builders, etc, etc. may often take up months of your life – especially to a person lacking this type of experience.


We are always amazed by the skills of good managers, programmers, entrepreneurs. We would never even think of doing the job of a medic or engineer – they have studied for years and afterwards specialized and perfected their work in order to achieve a very high level of performance and be able to bear the responsibility society puts upon them. In interior design the situation is quite similar – the difference between professional design and amateur design is huge and obvious. We specialize in our sphere – we are professionals. We would also go as far as to say we’re pretty good at it. Why not trust us as you would a doctor, engineer or teacher?

Designers and architects thrive where you might be hesitant and are much more efficient in their work. Besides that – for us it is a pleasure to find the best combination for a certain home and owner and construct them with the help of our partners, to plunge into detail, to make sure everything gets done properly on the building site up to the smallest detail.

And the value added – aesthetic, financial, psychological – is definitely worth it.

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