Interior Design Apartment 018

Interior design of an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria. The apartment renovation showcases its hidden beauty. Inspired by Scandinavian design, we’ve shown the beauty of natural materials and neutral colors.

The overall impression of this design is one of calmness and relaxation, among which its dwellers – a contemporary young couple – can spend their leisure time pleasantly.

In this apartment’s spacious living room there is a dining area, a soft seating zone and a kitchen row. The materials in the design are mainly natural – hardwood and natural stone floors, wood veneer furniture, cotton, wool and linen textiles.

The interior design combines a collage of carpets in neutral tones. The textiles of the window blinds and curtains matches. The walls in this interior are in light tones, and medium grey showcases areas behind certain furniture groups. The interior lightning on each of the zones is with modern, minimal lightning fixtures with calm, diffuse light.

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