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Top 10 Reasons to start your own design studio


Because I want to give my creativity space to flourish.


Because I want to make the decisions and have full control over my projects.

Unlimited Opportunity

Because I am the person, who decides how “far” he is willing to go and what he wants to achieve.


Because having my own clients is one of the few ways to make my pay reflect my own competences and avoid the corporate glass ceiling.


Because I believe that the architectural market has many unexplored niches.


Because I believe that clients for “pure” design do exists and they are not the mafia, neither the state, nor greedy construction developers, but rather the normal, thinking people from the emerging middle class.


Because I believe that designing directly for the user of a building leads to a mutual interest in achieving good results.


Because I want to go on vacation IF I decide to. Because I want to choose the projects I will be designing myself.


Because I am not afraid – on the contrary –  I demand that the pay for my work be in direct correlation to its quantity and quality.


Because I wish that in 10 years’ time I will be lecturing about my achievements, rather than complaining about the “boss” or the “market”.

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