Why us?

Why us?

IRchitect is a project of six young architects and friends who believe that they could be a breath of fresh air in the world of design and architecture. We’ve had enough of excuses like “this can’t be done” or “everybody does it”. We’ve seen enough raised shoulders. We believe that the environment is educational and that every person has the right of to live and work in an inspiring and well-made environment.

We believe that quality design, except that it looks good, solves functional problems. In a well-designed office air conditioners are not blowing in anyone’s neck, and the sun does not shine in anyone’s monitor. In a well-designed home we are not walking over the same coupler several times a day. We believe that design is not an end in itself but a means for a better life.

Many fear that working with a designer would turn their home into a sterile museum for expensive items. In our work we try form a team with our clients and create a flexible and transparent process. Through our experience and vision we form your wishes and taste into a finished product, and we believe that there is a proper solution for every budget.

The main objective of our work is to create emotion through space, light and material. And to create joy.

We are young – true. But we are also cool.
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За студио за интериорен дизайн IRchitect

В студио за интериорен дизайн IRchitect вярваме, че в партньорство с вас можем да създадем идеалния ви дом. Разкажете ни вашите нужди и надежди, за да изследваме апартамента и заедно да стигнем до правилните решение във вашия бюджет.

Ние сме правилният избор за вас – ще се справим като екип, защото вие сте най-добрите  специалисти по себе си, а ние сме страхотни експерти по архитектура и интериорен дизайн.

Контакти на студио за интериорен дизайн IRchitect

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